The Pandemic Response Coalition (PRC) comes together from diverse branches, positions, and points of view to facilitate the development of ideas, create new opportunities, ready to solve problems in creating a cohesive response to the global pandemic so we can open up our communities and begin recovery.

Our coalition comprises of the following: concerned individuals, businesses, civic leaders, stakeholders, community leaders, healthcare, academia, biotech, philanthropists, charities, spiritual and religious groups who are committed to be a vehicle for global impact for the recovery of our respective local economies’ and communities safely, productively, and environmentally sustainable for the overall wellness.

The PRC will act as a global broker for a manufacturer of the COVID-19 Antigen (Colloidal Gold Method) test that shows the variants within 10 minutes, and at significant price reduction through leveraging membership purchasing power.

Coupled with Trauma Intervention techniques for addressing the emotional strain resulting from the pandemic and its unintended consequences with providing mental wellness.

A generous give-back program for restoring the most vulnerable those directly impacted by the pandemic.